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BoxIt is a command-line tool designed to make compiling a single HTML page (or even plain text) from multiple snippets locally a lot simpler. This project was created as a follow-up project to deckem which I started as to help with creating deck.js presentations. Deckem wasn't really the right solution though, as it was too narrow in it's focus.

By comparison, BoxIt is incredibly flexible and allows you to use both local and remote resources to create static local files (suitable for offline bundling).

Creating a deck.js presentation is one potential use, but it could just as easily be used to assist with collating multiple HTML sections of a single page mobile app, or even possibly creating a CSV file.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is to create a configuration file that defines your project file that instructs BoxIt how to behave. A reference example has been created in this repository and the json configuration file from that example is shown below:

    "title": "Test Presentation",
    "template": "github://DamonOehlman/packing-instructions/deck.js",
    "sources": [

This config file is parsed and converted into a html file (by default) with the same name as the json file. For instance, this example file is presentation.json so would be converted to a presentation.html.

How it works

File Loading

To be completed.

Template Parsing

To be completed.

Defining a Template

To be completed, but take a look at the packing instructions repository for some examples. Essentially, you have a json file that defines the template and an accompanying handlebars template file that source files are passed through.


Before I start writing any code on this it would be great to get some feedback on whether there are already good tools that do this kind of thing, and/or whether this approach is worth exploring.

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