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Helper Functions for GeoCouch

Allows the geocouch-utils to be used with the Kanso tools to make life even easier!

Using the Kanso Package

If you haven't got Kanso installed, you can install it via NPM:

npm install -g kanso

Once Kanso is installed, stay in this directory (./kanso) and gather the Kanso dependencies:

kanso install

You will now be ready to use Kanso to deploy the geocouch-utils tools to any CouchDB GeoCouch database. To do this, use Kanso to push the package to the Couch database.

kanso push db url

And you are done - Kanso will have published to geocouch-utils to [db_url]/_design/geo

Building the Kanso Package

The packages in lib/ purely wrap the code found in the ../couchapp directory, so there is no duplication. This is done through the use of the interleave build tool. In order to build the source, you will need this tool - it can be installed via NPM.

npm install -g interleave

Once interleave is installed, simply build the source by running make

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