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MangoModel is not an ORM. It is a very simple wrapper over the Monk MongoDb library. MangoModel's main purpose is to allow dynamic db switching and data validation.

Using MangoModel

// Create db connection
var db = Monk('host/db');

// Create model
var Ant = MangoModel.create(db, 'ants');

// Accessing your model
var Ant = MangoModel.model('ants');

// Set the global db object so you don't have to specify the db every time you define a model

var Rat = MangoModel.create('rats');

Dynamic DB switching

When providing the database connection to either a model or the global MangoModel, you can provide a function that returns the database connection. This allows you to switch the database out as required.

Defining methods on your model

var Cat = MangoModel.create('cats', {
    getFatCats: function(cb) {
      this.find({weight: {'$gt':30}}, cb);

var cats = Cat.getFatCats(function(err, cats) {
  // variable cats is an array of cat objects

Defining a schema for data validation


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