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Steelmesh 2.0

This is the Steelmesh 2.0 project. This is the next version of Steelmesh that takes lessons learned from a production deployment of the original Steelmesh project and makes things faster, leaner and more robust.

Design Goals

The following is a list of features and exclusions for Steelmesh 2.0.

Included Features

  • Application distribution and monitoring of application updates via CouchDB

  • Steelmesh nodes are role aware and applications are loaded intelligently based on their role specification. Applications without a specified role are loaded on all steelmesh nodes.


  • Monitoring application updates in not handled by Steelmesh core. If an application is using CouchDB and wants to receive application data updates, it will run up it's own instance of ChangeMachine.

To be discussed

  • NPM Support. In the original version of Steelmesh, node_modules were packaged into the application package and pushed to CouchDB. This does limit the ability to support packages with native bindings that need to be compiled for a specific platform.


Copyright (c) 2012 Sidelab and contributors Licensed under the Apache 2 license