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Dart's easy, simple and fast web server
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Dart's easy, simple and fast web server.


If you look at the tests folder you'll have all the debug codes I made to test the features of the server. Anyhow, here is how you create a simple server:


void main() {
  var Target = new Target();

  Target.redirections = {
    "none": ""

  File script = new File(new Options().script); d) {
    Target.createServer(d.path + "/public", 8800, (req, res) {
      // Just do your job Target...

If you want to create a more advanced server where you want to handle requests and respond to them dynamically you just need to use the callback method in the createServer function with a respond(), like this:

// Same as the simple server, but...

// Don't just redirect, do what I want you to do!
Target.createServer(d.path + "/public", 8800, (req, res) {
  print("${req.method}: ${req.path}");

  if (req.path == "/response_test") {
    // Respond with a HTML file.
    File hfile = new File("${Target.basePath}/test/resp.html");
    hfile.exists((found) {
      if (found) {
        hfile.readAsText(Encoding.UTF_8, (String text) {
      } else {
        // If the file wasn't found return a 404.
        Target.respond("error", HttpStatus.NOT_FOUND);
  } else if (req.path == "/hello") {
    // Respond with your own generated HTML.
    Target.respond("<h1>Hello, World!</h1>");
  } else {
    // Just make a normal redirect.

// Close the rest of the calls.

I recommend you to check out the Wiki for more information, help and learn more about page redirections and other cool things.



  • Added a way of setting cookies with the setCookie() method
  • serverCallback() deprecated
  • Added a callback method to the createServer() to be used as in the examples


  • Added a callback method to the server instance Target.serverCallback() so you can dynamically parse requests and respond to them
  • Added the respond() method to the dynamic responses


  • Added support for page redirections


  • First working code
  • Just a static server
  • Redirects {path}/ to {path}/index.html
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