Yocto layer to support the Parallella board from Adapteva
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Yocto layer to support the Parallella board from Adapteva.

Supported Boards/Machines

Boards Supported by this layer (Please refer to the associate .conf for more information):

  • Adapteva Parallella (parallella)
  • Adapteva Parallella Desktop (parallella-hdmi)

Additional information on the Parallella http://www.parallella.org/. For more information on the Epiphany architecture http://www.adapteva.com/.


This layer depends on:

URI: git://git.openembedded.org/bitbake

URI: git://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core
layers: meta


Example SD rootfs boot, prepare your SD card by partitioning it with a small (64 MB+) FAT partition and a larger ext4 partition.

Place the following files in the first partition. These files are found under the deploy/images/parallella/ directory. Additionally select the correct bitstream for your board (from deploy/images/parallella/bistreams).

  • uImage
  • parallella-mmc-boot.dtb (rename it as 'devicetree.dtb')
  • e.g. parallella_e16_headless_gpiose_7010.bit.bin (rename it as 'parallella.bit.bin')

Extract the rootfs image into the second ext4 partition. Assuming the rootfs image built is named 'core-image-epiphany', extract the tar.gz from deploy/images/core-image-epiphany-parallella.tar.gz into the root of the partition (run the tar command as root/with sudo in order ot preserve file system perms/options).

Power Parallella board up with the SD card. The system will boot up and load the kernel, and then mount the rootfs from the second partition of the SD card.