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This is a source repository of slide show presentations.

How to View

If you wish to view the slideshows, follow this link.

How to contibrute

If you are familiar with GitHub then issue a pull request. If you are an end user of this conetent then I wil be happy to give you the power to directly edit the source documents in the web browser.

How to Build the Slideshows on your Computer

Install GitHub ( or git ) and clone the repository. * Use the "Clone In Desktop" button form this page * -OR- * use git clone on the command line Install node.js in the correct way for your platform Install the Grunt command line interface globally (in a command line) * > npm install grunt-cli -g Install all of the project dependencies * > npm install Run the default grunt task to generate the build folder * > grunt Open one of the slideshows from the build folder * Double click the file \presentations\build\beginner_guides\programmer_talk\index.html * The content of this is sildeshow is from \presentations\src\markdown\beginner_guides\

  • Run the Grunt task again if you make changes to the source .md mardown file
    • > grunt
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