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OMF: cOntrol and Management Framework. This is NOT the official repository.;a=summary is the official repository.
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external/frisbee modified RPM build script for 5.4
omf-admin moving the master to 5.4
omf-aggmgr improvements to installer script, updated changelogs for 5.4.1
omf-common updated changelogs
omf-oml improvements to installer script, updated changelogs for 5.4.1
omf-resctl updated changelogs
omf-resmgr Correct require library path to omfProtocol.
omf-sfa Fixed a few require paths which were left over from the directory reo…
omf-web Silent unpleasant erector warning message during omf-web pkg installa…
pxe adjusted PXE makefile for oneiric
schema/rspec-v3 Importing the RSPEC V3 definitions.
tools improvements to installer script, updated changelogs for 5.4.1
.gitignore Igonore deb build generated files
.yardopts Add a .yardopts file for auto generate docs using yard
INSTALL updated the INSTALL document, added JSON for Ruby dependency to the EC
README now packaging gems without bundler in aggmgr and common
Rakefile Print file path in install rake task modified RPM build script for 5.4
copyright added a new build and installation guide fixed GEM_PATH issue during debian packaging


Current Status
NOTE: this description is getting old and should be updated

The OMF framework is a replacement for some of the existing components of 
orbit-lab software. 

Some of the reasons for cloning include:
 * to simplify the directory structure and dependencies, as discussed below
 * to allow for building outside of Winlab

OMF is a work in progress.
Status of specific components:
* All components build and install OK.
* PXE boots & runs, tested on VIA MB720 and MB770.
* nodeagent4 runs OK
* OTG (from current orbit-lab branch, not part of OMF) runs OK

Structure of the Orbit Management Framework OMF

trunk /  
      external	   # Contains external software dependencies for OMF
      omf-admin    # OMF Web Administration Interface
      omf-aggmgr   # OMF Aggregate Manager
      omf-common   # Ruby code shared among OMF applications
      omf-expctl   # OMF Experiment Controller
      omf-resctl   # OMF Resource Controller
      omf-resmgr   # OMF Resource Manager
      pxe          # Build system for PXE kernel and rootfs
      tools	   # Miscellaneous tools for testing OMF
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