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OMF: cOntrol and Management Framework. This is NOT the official repository.;a=summary is the official repository.

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Current Status
NOTE: this description is getting old and should be updated

The OMF framework is a replacement for some of the existing components of 
orbit-lab software. 

Some of the reasons for cloning include:
 * to simplify the directory structure and dependencies, as discussed below
 * to allow for building outside of Winlab

OMF is a work in progress.
Status of specific components:
* All components build and install OK.
* PXE boots & runs, tested on VIA MB720 and MB770.
* nodeagent4 runs OK
* OTG (from current orbit-lab branch, not part of OMF) runs OK

Structure of the Orbit Management Framework OMF

trunk /  
      external	   # Contains external software dependencies for OMF
      omf-admin    # OMF Web Administration Interface
      omf-aggmgr   # OMF Aggregate Manager
      omf-common   # Ruby code shared among OMF applications
      omf-expctl   # OMF Experiment Controller
      omf-resctl   # OMF Resource Controller
      omf-resmgr   # OMF Resource Manager
      pxe          # Build system for PXE kernel and rootfs
      tools	   # Miscellaneous tools for testing OMF
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