A lightweight jQuery plugin for creating equal height columns.
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A lightweight jQuery plugin for creating equal height columns.


Include jQuery and target your columns container with equalHeightColumns().

<script src="path/to/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="path/to/jquery.equalheightcolumns.js"></script>

Note that by default, the selector for columns within the targeted container is .column. You can specify a different selector using the options.

Options and defaults

The following are the available options and default values.

	selector: ".column",
	outerHeight: false,
	responsive: true,
	excludeFullWidth: false

as well as a kill method



When responsive is set to true the plugin will re-calculate heights as the browser is resized. responsive is set to true by default.


You can set this option to true if you want the plugin to use outerHeight() instead of height().


You can set this option to true if you want the plugin to exclude any columns that have the same width as the container in the calculation of the highest column. Excluded columns will be set to height('').


Methods can be called like such:



If you're making a responsive site it's likely you'll want to have equal height columns at desktop width but then stack those elements on smaller screens. You'll no longer need or want these elements to have set heights, and the kill method is used to clear them. You call the kill method by calling equalHeightColumns('kill').

For responsive sites you could use harvey.js or enquire.js to initialize the plugin, and then call kill in a smaller media query call. If doing this, you should provide support for older browsers without media query by also instantiating equalHeightColumns() outside of harvey.js/enquire.js or in a Modernizr test.


refresh will just recalculate the column heights without fully re-instantiating the plugin. Useful if the content on the page changes, or as a counterpart to kill in a responsive JavaScript situation.