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panelGroup is an accessible jQuery plugin for creating simple tabs and accordions. But here's the real kicker, you can turn your tabs into accordions. The intended use of this feature is for responsive sites where tabs might become less usable at smaller screen sizes.


For simplest use, just call .panelGroup() on your elements.


The following markup is assumed:

<div class="panel-group" data-group-type="accordion" data-tab-nav-title="Choose a tab:">
  <div class="item">
    <h4 class="item-header">Item 1</h4>
    <div class="item-content">
      <p>Item content</p>
    </div><!-- .item-content -->
  </div><!-- .panel-group-item -->
  <div class="item">
    <h4 class="item-header">Item 2</h4>
    <div class="item-content">
    <p>Item content</p>
    </div><!-- .item-content -->
  </div><!-- .panel-group-item -->
  <div class="item">
    <h4 class="item-header">Item 3</h4>
    <div class="item-content">
    <p>Item content</p>
    </div><!-- .item-content -->
  </div><!-- .panel-group-item -->
</div><!-- .panel-group -->

A class of item for each tab/accordion item.item-header and item-content are used for the header and content. These can be changed in the options section though.


Note that the group type (accordion/tabs), is specified in a data-group-type attribute on the containing element.


The following options are available, with defaults indicated:

type: "auto", // options: tabs, accordion, auto (reads data attribute)
defaultType: 'tabs', // incase in invalid data attribute is provided
selectors: { // customize the classes used in markup
    item: '.item',
    header: '.item-header',
    content: '.item-content'
flexTabNav: true, // Set to true to make tabs equal-width
htmlTab: false, // Allow a tab header to contain the full html of matched element, not just the text
tabNavClasses: '', // get's added to tab nav <ul>
tabItemsClasses: '', // get's added to tab-items div
tabNavAsList: true, // whether the tab nav should be a ul>li or flat div>a
openTabTrigger: 'focus click', // event used to open the tab
openAccordionTrigger: 'focus click', // event used to open the the accordion
accordionSpeed: 300, // The animation speed of opening/collapsing accordion items
firstAccordionOpen: true, // Whether or not the first accordion item should be open
onlyKeepOneOpen: true // If Accordion should collapse all other '.active' items on open

Methods for changing types (used for responsive)

Methods are provided to turn tabs into accordions, and then to turn tabs back into tabs.

  • tabsToAccordions turns tabs into accordions
  • tabsBackToTabs turns tabs back into tabs after they've been turned into accordions

Events triggered by panelGroup element

  • tabchange when tab item is switched
  • accordionchange when accordion item is opened (at end of transition)

Methods are called by passing in the method name as follows:


The inteded use here is you use Harvey.js or enquire.js to call tabsToAccordions at your small breakpoint, and then tabsBackToTabs once you leave that breakpoint again.