A safe "admin-like" user role for site owners in the client services world
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PenguinPress - Manager Role

This plugin defines a manager user role that is permitted to administrate all aspects of a WordPress site with a few exceptions:

  • Enabling/disabling plugins
  • Changing themes
  • Editing 'administrator' users

This is designed to deal with a common issue in the client services: how to give the client admin access, while still removing anything that could break the site.


Filter Description
pp-manager-role/capabilities The array of capabilities for the manager role
pp-manager-role/admin-page-description The intro text on the admins listing page

Must-use plugin

This plugin is written in a single file to make it easy to use as a must-use plugin without a must-use plugin loader.

Listing administrators in the users table

Since disabling editing for individual users in the admin users listing table isn't currently possible, administrators are removed from the list, and listed separately on an page nested in the Users admin menu. This will be changed should this core issue be addressed.