Non-blocking Websocket (RFC-6455) wrapper for Rust's TcpStream
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Please use simple-stream instead.

websocket-stream is a RFC-6455 wrapper for TcpStream on POSIX-like kernels. It can be used in blocking or non-blocking mode.

I don't do enough Windows development to care about ensuring it is platform agnostic. Feel free to send me a pull request if you want to take the time to implement Windows sockets as well.

It achieves it's non-blocking state by setting the O_NONBLOCK flag on the stream's file descriptor.

Example Usage

extern crate websocket_stream as wss;

use wss::{WebsocketStream, ReadResult, WriteResult, Mode};
use wss::util::{OpCode, ReadError, WriteError};

fn some_function() {
    // stream is some std::net::TcpStream
    let mut ws_stream = match WebsocketStream::new(stream, Mode::NonBlock) {
        Ok(ws) => ws,
        Err(e) => {
            // This arm is hit when the system does not support 0_NONBLOCK
            panic!("Websocket creation failed, errno: {}", e)

    // Read a thing
    match {
        Ok(res_tuple) => {
            match res_tuple.0 {
                OpCode::Continuation    => handle_cont(res_tuple.1),
                OpCode::Text            => handle_text(res_tuple.1),
                OpCode::Binary          => handle_binary(res_tuple.1),
                OpCode::Close           => handle_close(res_tuple.1),
                OpCode::Ping            => handle_ping(res_tuple.1),
                OpCode::Pong            => handle_pong(res_tuple.1)
        Err(e) => {
            match e {
                ReadError::EAGAIN => {
                    // This arm is hit in Mode::NonBlock
                    // Signifies there was no data to read
                _ => {
                    // This arm is hit on syscall level errors.
                    // ReadError can be printed for details

    // Write a thing
    let mut buf: Vec<u8> = Vec::new(); // Buffer full of awesome
    match ws_stream.write(OpCode::Text, &mut buf) {
        Ok(num_written) => {
            // Obv, num_written is the amount of bytes written
        Err(e) => {
            // This arm is hit on syscall level errors.
            // WriteError can be printed for details