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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<title>Adapt.js - HTML ID Test</title>
* {
font-family: sans-serif;
line-height: 1.5
.range_test {
/* Default */
display: none;
font-weight: bold;
html#range_0 #p_0 {
/* Style overrides for: 0px to 760px */
display: block;
html#range_1 #p_1 {
/* Style overrides for: 760px to 980px */
display: block;
html#range_2 #p_2 {
/* Style overrides for: 980px to 1280px */
display: block;
html#range_3 #p_3 {
/* Style overrides for: 1280px to 1600px */
display: block;
html#range_4 #p_4 {
/* Style overrides for: 1600px to 1920px */
display: block;
html#range_5 #p_5 {
/* Style overrides for: above 1920px */
display: block;
// Called by Adapt.js
function myCallback(i, width) {
// Replace HTML tag's ID. = 'range_' + i;
// Note: Not making use of width here, but I'm sure
// you could think of an interesting way to use it.
// Edit to suit your needs.
// false = Only run once, when page first loads.
// true = Change on window resize and page tilt.
dynamic: true,
// Optional callback... myCallback(i, width)
callback: myCallback,
// First range entry is the minimum.
// Last range entry is the maximum.
// Separate ranges by "to" keyword.
range: [
'0 to 760',
'760 to 980',
'980 to 1280',
'1280 to 1600',
'1600 to 1920',
<script src="assets/js/adapt.min.js"></script>
This page demonstrates how a callback function can be<br />
used with Adapt.js to change the ID of the HTML tag.
<p class="range_test" id="p_0">
Visible at: 0px to 760px
<p class="range_test" id="p_1">
Visible at: 760px to 980px
<p class="range_test" id="p_2">
Visible at: 980px to 1280px
<p class="range_test" id="p_3">
Visible at: 1280px to 1600px
<p class="range_test" id="p_4">
Visible at: 1600px to 1920px
<p class="range_test" id="p_5">
Visible at: above 1920px
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