container_16 and container_24 #20

Ybbet opened this Issue Oct 10, 2012 · 1 comment

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Is it possible to consider the variation of Adapt.js for container_16 and container_24?


I hadn't made container_16 or container_24 versions, because (aside from the width of 960 pixels), those don't divide evenly along the same proportions as container_12.

However, you can generate your own via this tool…

Related: I'm currently working on a fluid grid system that (I hope) will obviate the need for 960 altogether…

As an "in the wild" example, my sister's "save the date" engagement site…

Basically, the code for that looks like…

<div class="width-50 mobile-width-33">…</div>
<div class="width-25 mobile-width-33">…</div>
<div class="width-25 mobile-width-33">…</div>
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