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Nathan Sobo authored and Nathan Sobo committed Nov 11, 2008
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-Fixtures shouldn't trigger after_create
+has_one :through
+join with a TupleClass should use its #set
Release from should blow up if the object is not a retainer
cleanup PrimitiveTuple#[] specs
-In InnerJoin, rephrase operand_1 and operand_2 in terms of left and right to match new CompositeTuple vocab
Instantiating an AttributesProjection with an operand that is composite raises an exception because we rely on #tuple_class
Commonize PrimitiveTuple & ProjectedTuple as much as possible
Sets should not have to be retained to support insert
When a set is retained, it should retain its tuples, just like any other relation
Decide what to do when fetching an object out of the database that is already in the cache (should we update the cached object?)
Nuke unretained objects from the cache periodically using an LRU strategy
Introduce directionality on order_by_attributes
AttributesProjection#fetch_sql and #merge should delegate to #operand
Need to add specs for #initial_read on all Relation classes
-Make it possible to pull AttributeProjections and InnerJoins:
- Rather than implementing #set of every relation that tells Repository where to put the results of pulling that relation's
- SQL query, implement #insert on every relation. Insert will be in charge of taking a given row and multiplexing the data
- contained therein to underlying models. This will require that AttributeProjections and InnerJoins implement #tuple_class,
- so that the repository can instantiate an instance thereof.
Potentially rip out support for referencing hash_representation on unretained Topics... OR
do transform in PrimitiveField and not the [] reader, which means we need to address the following:
PrimitiveTuple#attributes calls the transform block on field values. Do we want to do this on persist? If not, add PrimitiveTuple#persistent_attributes
-Catch NoMethodError exceptions in Relation#method_missing. NoMethod errors are bitching about Array, which is confusing!
-Set#clear... it proxies to the underlying Array. Not sure if this is actually kosher.
-Give ProjectedTuple its own private values to avoid problems of in-place mutation of its Fields' values.
+Give ProjectedTuple its own private values to avoid problems of in-place mutation of its Fields' values.

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