Easy to use Reminders for the IPhone
JavaScript Objective-C



The quickest way to create a reminder on your iPhone™. It starts up quickly, allows you to scribble a letter, word, or figure on the screen, enter a time (with convienent shortcuts) and then get on with your day.


  • Enter a reminder in just a few seconds
  • Uses the UILocalNotification features found in iOs 4.0, allowing reminders to continue to fire even if Remindly isn't running
  • Can choose between multiple different sounding alarms, including voice.
  • Created by IoGee
  • Inspired by Palm application Diddlebug.
  • Available from App Store

Source code includes:

  • Bezier curves for smoothing lines while drawing. Many drawing apps don't seem to do this, they really should.
  • Background locaiton updates which fire geographical alarms when leaving or nearing a location
  • Xibless design with application created only in code.
  • Uses in-app purchase, a good reference for a often-confusing subject. When building for yourself, you probably want to modify method -(BOOL)isAllowedMoreNotes in NotesManager.m to always return true.


  • Source code is released under the GPL v3.
  • Images, Sounds and other assets are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.