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React components for Braintree hosted fields
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React components to integrate Braintree hosted fields

A few small React components to make integrating Braintree's Hosted Fields easier.

Build Status

See also

I've also written a vendor agnostic library PaymentFields It's an extension of this library to also support Square and Stripe. You might check that out if you ever think you'll need to support additional processors.


import { Braintree, HostedField } from 'react-braintree-fields';
class MySillyCheckoutForm extends React.PureComponent {

    function onSubmit() {
        // could also obtain a reference to the Braintree wrapper element and call `.tokenize()`
       this.getToken({ cardholderName: 'My Order Name' }).then((payload) => {
         console.log("nonce=" , payload.nonce)
         console.log("device_data", this.device_data)

    onCardTypeChange() {
        this.setState({ card: (1 === cards.length) ? cards[0].type : '' });

    function onFocus(event) {
        console.log("number is focused", event);

    onError(err) {
       this.ccNum.focus(); // focus number field

    onAuthorizationSuccess() {
      this.setState({ isBraintreeReady : true });
    onDataCollectorInstanceReady(err, dataCollectorInstance) {
      if(!err) this.device_data = dataCollectorInstance.deviceData

    render() {
        return (
                className={ this.state.isBraintreeReady ? '' : 'disabled' }
                getTokenRef={ref => (this.getToken = ref)}
                    'input': {
                        'font-size': '14px',
                        'font-family': 'helvetica, tahoma, calibri, sans-serif',
                        'color': '#3a3a3a'
                    ':focus': {
                        'color': 'black'
                <div className="fields">
                    <HostedField type="number" onFocus={onFocus} ref={ccNum => (this.ccNum = ccNum)} />
                    <HostedField type="expirationDate" />
                    <HostedField type="cvv" />
                <button onClick={onSubmit}>Submit</button>

See demo site for a working example. It renders demo.jsx

Braintree Component


  • authorization: Required, either a tokenization key or a client token
  • onAuthorizationSuccess: Function that will be called after Braintree successfully initializes the form.
  • styles: Object containing valid field styles
  • onError: Function that will be called if an Braintree error is encountered.
  • getTokenRef: A function that will be called once Braintree the API is initialized. It will be called with a function that can be used to initiate tokenization.
    • The tokenization function will return a Promise which will be either resolved or rejected. If resolved, the promise payload will contain an object with the nonce and other data from Braintree.
  • onDataCollectorInstanceReady: A function that will be called with the results of Braintree.dataCollector.create. This can be used in conjunction with Braintree's Advanced Fraud Tools.

HostedField Component


  • type: Required, one of:
    • 'number', 'expirationDate', 'expirationMonth', 'expirationYear', 'cvv', 'postalCode'
  • onBlur
  • onFocus
  • onEmpty
  • onNotEmpty
  • onValidityChange
  • onCardTypeChange - accepted on any field, but will only be called by type="number"
  • placeholder - A string to that will be displayed in the input while it's empty
  • formatInput
  • maxlength,
  • minlength
  • select
  • prefill

See the Braintree api docs for more details

Fields also have "focus" and "clear" methods. These may be called by obtaining a reference to the field.

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