View which board games saved in your BoardGameGeek collection are best at different player counts with one click.
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Player Count

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Player Count iOS app

Player Count is an iOS app that helps you scan board games in your BoardGameGeek collection to see which are best at different player counts.

BoardGameGeek is a social network for board games. You can use it to keep track of you board game collection. Player Count makes it easy to find which of your games you should play next. During a game night, the first question is "What are we playing?" To answer that question you need to know which games play best at different player counts

Say you have King of Tokyo marked as owned on BoardGameGeek. Since only 20% of gamers recommend King of Tokyo at 2 players, you wouldn’t see that recommendation. But 88% of gamers recommend it at 3 players so you would see that recommendation.

Player count makes an API call to BoardGameGeek and retrieves all the details about your board game collection. Then it makes separate API calls for each of your games to analyze player count polls on the website.


Player Count is liscensed as Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0), which basically means you can share and adapt this code, given you provide appropriate credit, and you do not use the material for commercial purposes. Here is the full license the full license.