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This is Problem Set 1 for Rust Operating Systems Class (cs4414).

  • This top-level folder contains actual problems for the problem set.
    • The following problems are completed:
      • Problem 1.

        (write your answer in, clearly marked as 1.) Copy the User-Agent string reported by your browser. Explain as many of the things in that string as you can.

      • Problem 2.

        (2. in Speculate on why Rust thinks it is unsafe to modify a global variable [...].

      • Problem 3.

        (modify Modify the server so it maintains a count of the number of requests, and adds a message to the response that includes a count of the number of requests. You should see the number increase each time your reload the page.

      • Problem 4.

        Even with the counter, our web server is not very useful! For the rest of this assignment, your goal is to modify the web server to serve requested static pages.

        If the first line of the incoming request matches GET / HTTP/1.1 where is a non-empty file system path. Your server should respond by sending the contents of the file / where is the current working directory (where you started the web server) in the response.

        If the incoming request contains an empty path, your server should respond as it did in the previous problem.

      • Problem 5.

        Modify the server to only serve files that have .html extensions and that are in the directory where the server is started (including any subirectories of that directory). If a requests asks for a file that is not permitted, your server should respond with an error page (this should use the 403 HTTP response code in place of the 200 in the normal response; if you are feeling humorous, you can use 418 instead.).

    • answers has written answers to questions.
    • zhttpto has Rust solutions to the Zhttpto web server programming problems.
  • The folder tutorial contains examples worked over during the tutorial.