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Fuse UNION: Allows a user to create a unioned view of 2+ directory trees.

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FUNION (F**use **Union) presents a unioned view of two or more directories. As an example: /A/fileA1 /fileA2 /dir1 /fileA3



Common use case is when you have media spread across non-RAIDed disks and you would like to have a single view of the media. For example: /disk1/dvds/{tv, movies} and /disk2/dvds/{tv,movies}. You'd prefer to just have /dvds/{tv,movies} which is a unioned view of the two.


Currently supports unioning of 2+ directory trees. Though, currently the unioned file-system is read only.


  • Linux/Unix.
  • FUSE
  • GHC (Haskell platform recommended)


Install libfuse-dev. On Ubuntu 9.10: sudo apt-get install libfuse-dev

Install Funion: cabal install funion


There are currently very few options: funion [OPTIONS] MOUNTPOINT DIR1 DIR2 ... where MOUNTPOINT, DIR1, DIR2, ..., are paths. OPTIONS: -h
-? print help -V print version

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