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Clear Styles.sketchplugin

Clear Styles plugin for clearing all layer style properties. Selected layers will reset to the default style properties defined by the user. Works with text and shape layers.


  1. Download and open
  2. Navigate the Sketch menu bar to Plugins ▸ Reveal Plugins Folder...
  3. Place Clear Styles.sketchplugin into the revealed plugins directory
  4. That's it...

How to Use

Select Plugins ▸ Clear Styles in the Sketch menu bar or use the keyboard shortcut to clear the style properties for selected layers. Please be aware that all layer styles will be deleted and reset when running the command. If you accidentally do this, you can revert the changes with the Command + Z keystroke.

Keyboard Shortcut
Option + Command + /


If you discover any issues or have questions regarding usage, please send a message to or find me on GitHub @nathco.