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GitKraken Glo Boards for Google Assistant GitHub


GitKraken Glo Boards is published on the Actions directory.


git clone
cd gitkraken-glo-boards/
export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=`pwd`/credentials.json
cd functions/
npm install
npm run serve

Known issues

  • "Hey Google, ask GitKraken Glo Boards to add a card to Test" will cause the action to prompt the user repeatedly for their board. ETA: next few months (thanks @chuckdries)


  • List boards
  • Add cards
    • Delete card (waiting on Dialogflow issue)
    • Assign card to collaborators (waiting on Dialogflow issue)
    • Add labels (waiting on Dialogflow issue)
  • List cards in column


You can email me at or PM @nathfreder on Twitter.

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