A Sass file full of helpers for use in your design projects. Based on "Less Boilerplate".
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Sass Boilerplate

Boilerplate CSS written in Sass, an extension of CSS3. It includes:

  • CSS Reset
  • CSS3 Helpers (box radius, gradients, box shadow, transition)
  • Centered column blocks
  • Horizontal centering for objects of variable width
  • A fancy call to action button
  • A few general styles and sensible defaults (including a clearfix)

Sass Boilerplate is a fork/conversion of Less Boilerplate.

From mgeraci's original README: "I went through my recent design projects and pulled out these styles that I use all the time to create an easy-to-import stylesheet. They help me get a new design started, and I hope they help you too!"


Coming soon.


Include this file in at the top of your Sass/SCSS stylesheet:

@import 'boilerplate';