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1 <% @title = "You created a structured Serve project!" %>
3 <dl>
4 <dt><strong>Views &amp; Layouts</strong></dt>
5 <dd>
6 Your views are stored in the <kbd>views</kbd> folder. Coming from a page-based
7 scripting language like PHP? Views are just like regular pages. The main layout
8 file for this project is stored in <kbd>layouts/default</kbd>.
9 </dd>
11 <dt><strong>Stylesheets, Sass &amp; Compass</strong></dt>
12 <dd>
13 This project is pre-configured for <a href="">Sass</a> and
14 <a href="">Compass</a>. Store your <kbd>sass</kbd> and
15 <kbd>scss</kbd> files in the root <kbd>stylesheets</kbd> folder. Sass
16 stylesheets will be automatically compiled to CSS and stored in
17 <kbd>public/stylesheets</kbd>.
18 </dd>
20 <dt><strong>Static Assets</strong></dt>
21 <dd>
22 Static assets like images, javascripts, and downloads are stored in the
23 <kbd>public</kbd> folder. Put files here that don&#8217;t need special
24 processing by Serve.
25 </dd>
26 </dl>
28 <div class="box">
29 <h6>Other Template Languages</h6>
30 <p>
31 If you are interested in using Serve with other template languages like Haml,
32 Slim, Markdown, or Textile, remember to edit the project <kbd>Gemfile</kbd>
33 to include the appropriate gems. Then use
34 <a href="">Bundler</a> to install them.
35 </p>
36 </div>
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