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Linux AMLogic Toolkit

Allows to unpack and repack AMLogic Android images on Linux systems without using the Customization Tool - works for Android 7.


  • Unpack and repack any image
  • Mount and edit system partition
  • Unpack and repack logo partition (for bootup and upgrading logos)
  • Unpack and repack boot image and initrd ramdisk
  • Works for Android 7
  • No need to unpack the image each time you want to use the tool

What it cannot do (yet)

  • Edit other partitions of the image such as recovery (you can still replace the PARTITION files by hand)


  • zlib1g-dev for simg2img and img2simg
  • libblkid-dev for abootimg (unpacking and repacking boot image)
  • the i386 packages if needed (for the logo unpacking / repacking binary)

How to use it

  • Clone or download this repository
  • Install the dependencies
  • Move to the directory of the repository, and stay there
  • (first time, or after a cleanup) Run ./bin/build to build the required tools
  • (when editing a new image file) Run ./bin/unpack input.img to unpack input.img
  • The result is :
    • output/image : raw image files (PARTITION files)
    • output/system : system partition files
    • output/logo : logo partition files
    • output/boot : boot partition files
  • From now on you can edit the files of the output directory
    • Note that those files will be overwritten when repacking :
      • output/image/system.PARTITION
      • output/image/boot.PARTITION
      • output/image/logo.PARTITION
      • output/boot/initrd.img if using ./bin/extract_initrd
    • If you happen to loose the output/system mounting point (after a reboot for instance), just run ./bin/remount to mount it again
    • On the other hand, you can unmount the system partition using ./bin/unmount
    • If you want to extract the initrd ramdisk, use the ./bin/extract_initrd and ./bin/recreate_initrd scripts (output in output/initrd)
  • Be careful :
    • Don't break everything by chmod'ing the whole output/system folder, because it will be replicated in the image and it won't boot !
    • Don't rename the files in output/boot.img
    • If you extract and recreate the initrd ramdisk, its size will change and it will most likely break the boot image. To fix this, edit the bootimg.cfg file in output/boot to replicate the change in size (you can repack the image, let it fail and read the logs to see the new size).
  • When you have finished editing the files, run ./bin/repack output.img to repack the image to output.img
  • Done !