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Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of data should I put in Places?

First of all, do not put any sensitive data into Places. Only data that can be released to the public should be put into the system.

Places currently only supports points that are included in the Harpers Ferry Center map symbols. We plan on expanding support to include polygons and lines in the near future.

Each feature should have its own point - even if points are overlapping. For example, if a building has a restroom and a visitor center, each amenity will require a properly tagged point. When editing, try to place the point as close as possible to its real world location. This means that a restroom that is part of a larger building should be added in its actual location within the building.

Lastly, because we are only currently collecting Points of Interest, buildings should only be tagged with specific uses like restroom or visitor center. We plan on importing polygons from the NPS buildings data standard in the future.

Why doesn't my point show up in OpenStreetMap?

Places is an internal NPS database, so data from the system will not appear in OpenStreetMap. We plan on making it easier to get Places data into OpenStreetMap in the future - either through automation or a manual import process.

How do I get my point data out?

Currently, there isn't an automated way to get data out of Places. If, however, you would like an export, send an email to and we can create one for you. Automating exports to the NPS Data Store is high on our list of priorities.

What license does this use?

All data in Places is available under the public domain.

What can I expect for the future of this Places editor?

The NPMap team will continue to receive feedback and suggestions as to what features should be added. Please place issues or troubles you have in the issues section.

What is currently being rendered in Park Tiles?

We are currently rendering Visitor Center, Ranger Station, Information, Lodge, Campground, Picnic Site, Store, Food Service, Trailhead, Parking, and Restroom in Park Tiles. As the Places database becomes more robust, we will begin to add more features based on the HFC symbol set.

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