A Node app that synchronizes data from multiple sources to the Places database
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A node app that synchronizes data from multiple sources to the Places database.


  • git clone https://github.com/nationalparkservice/places-sync.git
  • npm install
  • Add your sources (this guide will be built in the future)

How Sync Works

  • "Load" "MasterCache"
    • sqlite database (currently)
      • schema:
        • *key text,
        • foreign_key text,
        • *process text,
        • *#source text,
        • hash text,
        • last_updated,
        • data blob,
        • is_removed numeric
  • "Load" sourceA
    • Loads sourceA into memory
  • "Load" sourceB
    • Loads sourceb into memory
  • Get Updates From A since B last updated
  • Apply Updates From A to B
  • Save Source B
  • Write Successful updates to MasterCache
  • Close Source A
  • Close Source B

The "Load" Function:

  • some sources (text files, geojson, json, etc) are loaded entirely into memory as a sqlite database
  • other sources (that are queryable) are loaded "as is"

The "Get Updates" Function

  • Ordered Tasks:

    1. Determines the last time source B was updated from source A
    2. Pulls all information into memory from source A that was created since the last sync
  • Unordered Tasks:

    1. Run Ordered Tasks
    2. Gets All keys from Source A to determine if anything from deleted since the last sync
    3. Gets all keys in the master cache, so we can determine what was previously syncronized from A to B\
  • Determine changes (getUpdates.js and getUdpates.sql

The "Apply Updates" Function

  • Accepts the object returned from "Get Updates"
    • It creates two "bins"
      1. A list of "removes" (anything marked as "removed")
      2. and a list of "inserts" (anything marked as "updated", "created", "missing")
    • It then adds the remove / updates to the source B object in memory

The "Save" Function

  • Gets all updates to be run on the source

  • Gets all deletes to be run on the source

  • Pulls down the metadata object (this is used for extra information, such as a foreign key)

  • It writes / deletes the information from the source

  • Once the source has been successfully updated, it runs the "Apply Updates" and "Save" functions on the masterCache database

The "Close" Function

  • Some databases and files require the connection to be closed, this step will close that connection
  • This step is required for all sources, and it will clear source object out of memory