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National Trails of the Russia
National trails, expeditions, adventures, soul, nature, wilderness, exploring, education
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National Trails: Historic, Scenic, Recreation.

Trails — is an Education, Nature and a Soul.

The First Settlers Historic Trail

The trail starts in the European part of Russia and heading East, the path of the explorers and first settlers who have studied and mastered our country. The trail goes up and down the rivers, crosses the watershed, out to the Pacific ocean, is its edge, and then climbs again to the continent, to the river Indigirka to roll out to the Arctic ocean and walk to Cape Dezhnev. Only the passage of the Trail you need 4 years.

The trail passes along the rivers Volga, Kama, Tagil, Tobol, Irtysh, Ob, Tom, Abakan, Yenisei, Angara, Lena, Olekma, Zeya, Amur, Indigirka.

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