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Nation of Makers Website


A website which communicates the mission, vision, and values of the Nation of Makers.


NOTE: Currently, the website is in a temporary content freeze as we form the official organization. Contributions are still welcome but major content/copy changes may not get approved until the transition occurs. Thanks for understanding! 🤓

Pick whichever of the following two contribution methods fits your style.

If you need any help with any of this, please jump into the #nom_website channel in the NOM slack; we're here to help.

*A side note to git pros: We're working on the master branch during build mode to simplify the process for contributors.

Contributing via CLI

  1. Fork the repo on github, clone it, edit, push, and create a PR. You know the drill.

    If you don't know or don't want to mess with all that, then see the next section.

    If you do want to learn how to use git and github via the CLI, then go to Fork a Repo -- github folks write good docs.

Contributing via the web

  1. Open any existing file above and click the "Edit" button as shown below. You can also start a new file by opening an existing folder and clicking "Create new file" or "Upload files".

    nationofmakers_github_io_readme_md_at_master_ _nationofmakers_nationofmakers_github_io

  2. Make changes, scroll down to the bottom to describe your changes (less than 80 characters in the title, and a more detailed description if required past 80 chars), then click "Propose file change".
  3. Click the green "Create Pull Request" button.
  4. A volunteer on the team will validate/merge your PR. If you don't see any activity within a few hours, then feel free to get someone's attention in #nom_website.

Thank you!!! Here's a bonus robot...

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