Compiler plugin goodies for Scala (continuation of non-OpenCL part of ScalaCL)
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Collection of Scala Macro goodies (BSD-licensed)

  • Streams (MIGRATED TO ITS OWN REPO) provide a macro and a compiler plugin that optimize streamed collection operations / for comprehensions by rewriting them to equivalent while loops (Scala 2.11.x):

    for (i <- 0 to n;
         ii = i * i;
         j <- i to n;
         jj = j * j;
         if (ii - jj) % 2 == 0;
         k <- (i + j) to n)
      yield { (ii, jj, k) }
  • Loops provide a macro that optimizes simple foreach loops on Ranges by rewriting them to equivalent while loops (Scala 2.10.x):

    import scalaxy.loops._
    for (i <- 0 until 100000000 optimized) { ... }

    (special case of / superseeded by Streams below)

  • JSON (ScalaDoc) provides macro-based json string interpolation with smart error reporting, compile-time renormalization, deconstruction and more.

  • Parano (MIGRATED TO ITS OWN REPO) provides compile-time checks to avoid common naming mistakes (ambiguous or swapped case class field extractor names, ambiguous unnamed param names with same type...)

  • Privacy changes the default member visibily from public to private (unless the @public annotation is used)

  • Beans (ScalaDoc) are a nifty combination of Dynamics and macros that provide a type-safe eye-candy syntax to set fields of regular Java Beans in a Scala way (without any runtime dependency at all!):

    import scalaxy.beans._
    new MyBean().set(foo = 10, bar = 12)
  • Fx (ScalaDoc) contains an experimental JavaFX DSL (with no runtime dependency) that makes it easy to build objects and define event handlers:

    new Button().set(
      text = bind {
        s"Hello, ${textField.getText}"
      onAction = {
        println("Hello World!")
  • Reified (MIGRATED TO ITS OWN REPO) provides a powerful reified values mechanism that deals well with composition and captures of runtime values, allowing for complex ASTs to be generated during runtime for re-compilation or transformation purposes. It preserves the original value that was reified, allowing for flexible mixed usage of runtime value and compile-time AST.

    import scalaxy.reified._
    def comp(capture1: Int): ReifiedFunction1[Int, Int] = {
      val capture2 = Seq(10, 20, 30)
      val f = reified((x: Int) => capture1 + capture2(x))
      val g = reified((x: Int) => x * x)
    println("AST: " + comp(10).expr.tree)
  • Obsolete experiments (mostly because of quasiquotes):

    • MacroExtensions provides an extremely simple (and experimental) syntax to define extensions methods as macros:

      def quoted(quote: String): String = 
        quote + self + quote
      def copiesOf[T : ClassTag](generator: => T): Array[T] = 
      // macro-expanded to `"'" + 10 + "'"`
      println(3 copiesOf new Entity)
      // macro-expanded to `Array.fill(3)(new Entity)`
    • Compilets provide an easy way to express AST rewrites, backed by a compiler plugin and an sbt plugin.

    • Debug (ScalaDoc) provides assert, require and assume macros that automatically add a useful message to the regular Predef calls. Please prefer Assertions and DiagrammedAssertions from ScalaTest.


If you have suggestions / questions:

You can also file bugs and enhancement requests here.

Any help (testing, patches, bug reports) will be greatly appreciated!


  • Pushing the site with each sub-project's Scaladoc at

    sbt clean
    sbt "project scalaxy-doc" ghpages-push-site

    (you can preview the site with sbt "project scalaxy-doc" preview-site)

  • Publishing projects on Sonatype OSS Repository + advertise on (assuming correct credentials in ~/.sbt/0.13/sonatype.sbt):

    sbt "+ assembly" "+ publish"
    sbt "project scalaxy" ls-write-version lsync