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Compilets are a rewrite of ScalaCL / Scalaxy using Scala 2.10.0 and its powerful macro system that provide:

  • Natural expression of rewrite patterns and replacements that makes it easy to express rewrites
  • Will eventually support all the rewrites from ScalaCL 0.2, and more
  • Easy to express AOP-style rewrites (to add or remove logs, runtime checks, etc...)
  • Add your own warnings and errors to scalac in a few lines!



The preferred way to use Scalaxy/Compilets is with Sbt 0.13.0 and the sbt-scalaxy Sbt plugin, but the Examples subfolder demonstrates how to use it with Maven or with Sbt but without sbt-scalaxy.

To compile your Sbt project with Scalaxy's compiler plugin and default compilets:

  • Put the following in project/plugins.sbt (or in ~/.sbt/plugins/build.sbt for global setup):

    resolvers += Resolver.sonatypeRepo("snapshots")
    addSbtPlugin("com.nativelibs4java" % "sbt-scalaxy" % "0.3-SNAPSHOT")
  • Make your build.sbt look like this:

    scalaVersion := "2.10.4"
    autoCompilets := true

See a full example in Scalaxy/Examples/UsageWithSbtPlugin.

To see what's happening:

SCALAXY_VERBOSE=1 sbt clean compile

Or to see the code after it's been rewritten during compilation:

scalacOptions += "-Xprint:scalaxy-rewriter"

Creating your own Compilets

It's very easy to define your own compilets to, say, optimize your shiny DSL's overhead away, or enforce some corporate coding practices (making any call to Thread.stop a compilation error, for instance).

This is very easy to do, please have a look at Examples/CustomCompilets and Examples/DSLWithOptimizingCompilets.


To build the sources and compile a file test.scala using the compiler plugin, use paulp's sbt script :

sbt "run Test/test.scala"

To see what's happening, you might want to print the AST before and after the rewrite :

sbt "run Test/test.scala -Xprint:typer -Xprint:scalaxy-rewriter"

The rewrites are defined in Compilets and look like this :

import scalaxy.compilets._
import scalaxy.compilets.matchers._

object SomeExamples {

  def simpleForeachUntil[U](start: Int, end: Int, body: Int => U) = replace(
    for (i <- start until end)
      var ii = start; val ee = end
      while (ii < ee) {
        val i = ii
        ii = ii + 1

  def forbidThreadStop(t: Thread) =
    fail("You must NOT call Thread.stop() !") {

  def warnAccessibleField(f: java.lang.reflect.Field, b: Boolean) =
    when(f.setAccessible(b))(b) {
      case True() :: Nil =>
        warning("You shouldn't do that")

Here's how to run tests:

sbt clean test

To deploy to Sonatype (assuming ~/.sbt/0.13/sonatype.sbt contains the correct credentials), then advertise a release on

sbt "+ assembly" "+ publish"
sbt "project scalaxy" ls-write-version lsync