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New experimental syntax to define class enrichments as macros (BSD-licensed).

There's some context on my blog, and a short discussion on scala-internals (+ make sure to read about known issues below).

Scalaxy/MacroExtensions's compiler plugin supports the following syntax:

def quoted(quote: String): String =
  quote + self + quote

def copiesOf[T : ClassTag](generator: => T): Array[T] =

def tup[A, B](b: B): (A, B) = macro {
  // Explicit macro.
  println("Extension macro is executing!")
  reify((self.splice.head, b.splice))

Which allows calls such as:

// macro-expanded to `"'" + 10 + "'"`

println(10 copiesOf new Entity)
// macro-expanded to `Array.fill(3)(new Entity)`

// macro-expanded to `(Array(3).head, 1.0)` (and prints a message during compilation)

This is done by rewriting the @scalaxy.extension[T] declarations above during compilation of the extensions. In the case of str2, this gives the following:

import scala.language.experimental.macros
implicit class scalaxy$extensions$str2$1(self: Any) {
  def str2(quote$Expr$1: String) =
    macro scalaxy$extensions$str2$1.str2
object scalaxy$extensions$str2$1 {
  def str2(c: scala.reflect.macros.Context)
          (quote$Expr$1: c.Expr[String]):
      c.Expr[String] =
    import c.universe._
    val Apply(_, List(selfTree$1)) = c.prefix.tree
    val self$Expr$1 = c.Expr[Any](selfTree$1)
      val self = self$Expr$1.splice
      val quote = quote$Expr$1.splice
      quote + self + quote

Known Issues

  • Annotation is resolved by name: if you redefine an @scalaxy.extension annotation, this will break compilation.
  • Default parameter values are not supported (due to macros not supporting them?)
  • Doesn't check macro extensions are defined in publicly available static objects (but compiler does)


If you're using sbt 0.13.0+, just put the following lines in build.sbt:

// Only works with 2.10.0+
scalaVersion := "2.10.4"

autoCompilerPlugins := true

// Scalaxy/MacroExtensions plugin
addCompilerPlugin("com.nativelibs4java" %% "scalaxy-macro-extensions" % "0.3-SNAPSHOT")

// Ensure Scalaxy/MacroExtensions's plugin is used.
scalacOptions += "-Xplugin-require:scalaxy-extensions"

// Uncomment this to see what's happening:
//scalacOptions += "-Xprint:scalaxy-extensions"

// We're compiling macros, reflection library is needed.
libraryDependencies <+= scalaVersion("org.scala-lang" % "scala-reflect" %)

// Scalaxy/MacroExtensions snapshots are published on the Sonatype repository.
resolvers += Resolver.sonatypeRepo("snapshots")

General macro rules regarding compilation apply: you cannot use macros from the same compilation unit that defines them.


Test with:

git clone git://
cd Scalaxy
sbt "project scalaxy-extensions" "run examples/TestExtensions.scala -Xprint:scalaxy-extensions"
sbt "project scalaxy-extensions" "run examples/Test.scala"

You can also use plain scalac directly, once Scalaxy/MacroExtensions's JAR is cached by sbt / Ivy:

git clone git://
cd Scalaxy
sbt update
cd Obsolete/Extensions
scalac -Xplugin:$HOME/.ivy2/cache/com.nativelibs4java/scalaxy-macro-extensions_2.10/jars/scalaxy-macro-extensions_2.10-0.3-SNAPSHOT.jar examples/TestExtensions.scala -Xprint:scalaxy-extensions
scalac examples/Test.scala
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