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ochafik commented Sep 1, 2011

For the following C declaration:

#define MAXBYTE ((BYTE) 0xff)

jnaerator 0.9.6 is writing:

public static final byte MAXBYTE = (255);

which causes a java syntax error, since the int 255 should be downcast to fit a byte. The following output fixes the problem:

public static final byte MAXBYTE = (byte) (255);

Please note that any integral type under int (char, byte, short) will suffer the same issue.

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Issue #: 80
Created On: 2011-02-18T14:56:32.000Z
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ochafik commented Sep 1, 2011

Hi again,

Thanks for this new report (hehe, nastier than the previous one ;-)).
Will investigate ASAP



Google Code Info:
Author: olivier.chafik
Created On: 2011-02-18T17:18:12.000Z

ochafik commented Apr 14, 2012

Fixed in 0.9.10-SNAPSHOT

@ochafik ochafik closed this Apr 14, 2012
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