Atom syntax highlighting for Geant4 macros
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language-geant4-macro package

Syntax highlighting and autocompletion for Geant4 macros.

Geant4 macro syntax highlighting and autocompletion

How to get it:

apm install language-geant4-macro

Geant4 is licensed under the Geant4 software license. This is an unofficial user project.

Customising the command list

To rebuild the command dictionary, you can replace G4command.txt with your own file made by dumping all the Geant4 UI commands within the scope, which you do by running this command:

/control/manual /

Then, run (in the package directory):


This will replace the completions.json file with the commands particular to the G4UI commands within G4command.txt file

If your custom commands have the guidance properly set up, then you should also be abe to access the guidance by hovering over the functions (note that there should only be one function per line of the macro file.) Tooltips to display guidance