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v0.6.12 - Bug Fixes

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@0xdade 0xdade released this 25 Aug 01:48
· 223 commits to main since this release


  • (Agent) Better telemetry indicators for exceptions with Sentry (#445)


  • (Server) Scope import via cli now works as expected (#436)
  • (Server) Scope export now works even when scope items have tags (#426)
  • (Server) Errors are now reported as json when json is expected (#442)
  • (Server) Searching with a bad search query now returns a 400 Bad Request page instead of an Internal Server Error, and links to our search documentation (#444)
  • (Server) Accessing /host/<an.invalid.ip> no longer throws an exception but rather throws a 404 as expected. (#449)
  • (Server) No longer throw an exception when xml_data is missing from a submission (#441)