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  • Administrators can now configure process timeout values for web and vnc screenshot agent capabilities. (#186)
  • Users may now choose to search historical results by including includeHistory=1 in the query parameters. (#110)
  • Agents can now optionally save data that failed to upload to the server via the NATLAS_SAVE_FAILS environment variable. (#129)
  • Importing scope, either via the web interface or via the ./ script, now supports importing scope items with tags. Each imported line can have a comma separated list of tags. Tags will be created if they don't already exist. (#142)


  • Screenshots are stored in deterministic location based purely on their file hash, instead of timestamp/<hash>.ext. (#182)
  • Agents will now get work definitions from the server even when scanning targets from a file or the command line. (#179)


  • Agent now correctly makes sure that it's logs folder exists before trying to use it. (#181)
  • Agent checks for timed_out before it checks for is_up (#184)
  • Handle exceptions when export requests are made for non-existing data (#191
  • Removed unexpected search export button when no search results #193
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