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Cookbook for installing Eucalyptus 2.0.3 cloud controller, node controllers, walrus, and storage controllers. Still very much a work in progress, but also very much worth releasing imo, since the Eucalyptus install is such a huge and tedious undertaking and this cookbook zaps the most tedious parts. Hopefully this helps. I've only tested this on Debian 6.0.4, with a setup of One machine as a CC/CLC, one machine as a Walrus and Storage Controller, and serveral machines as compute nodes.

This is more or less a step by step conversion of the Eucalyptus setup documentation into a cookbook. It uses the Eucalyptus "managed" networking feature, which is the most full featured of the networking options.

Things that have to be done manually

Before running this cookbook:

  • Setting up a network bridge on compute nodes. (TODO)

After running this cookbook successfully:

  • You might need to manually register Eucalyptus components on CLC. I've set these up as LWRPs which will run after setup is complete (but they all ignore failure), but I haven't seen it work consistently. Seems like you've got to go to, register thru the web interface (default login/password is admin/admin), and then on the cloud controller use the euca_conf tool to register your nodes, storage controller, and walrus(es). You may be able to just register these thru the web interface as well.
  • Getting your Eucalyptus credentials. (Get get the zip file thru the web interface)
  • Check if everything is good. As root on the CC, run: euca_conf --get-credentials && unzip && source eucarc && euca-describe-availability-zones verbose. You should see numbers that are not "0" under "free / max" in the output.
  • To run instances, you'll need to register some EMIs. Registering and uploading EMIs, or better yet use eustore to upload and register EMIs.


  • The only requirements that aren't specific depends in the metadata are a setup of either kvm or xen on the compute nodes. I have a kvm cookbook at, which should be run before recipe[eucalyptus::node_controller_install]. If you use librarian-chef to manage your cookbooks, you can add the kvm cookbook to your Cheffile and the recipe[eucalyptus::node_controller_install] will require_recipe 'kvm'.
  • Debian 6 on all machines. May very well work on Ubuntu, but I've only tested and used this on Debian.
  • All physical machines on the same ethernet.


Please note the "eucalyptus" role, which should contain your specific config (see this example).

  • Example of a run list on a cloud controller:
    role[eucalyptus], recipe[eucalyptus::cloud_controller_install]
  • Example of a run list on a compute node: role[eucalyptus], recipe[kvm], recipe[eucalyptus::node_controller_install]
  • Example of a run list on a storage controller: role[eucalyptus], recipe[eucalyptus::storage_install]
  • Example of a run list on a walrus node: role[eucalyptus], recipe[eucalyptus::walrus_install]

Warning: root's private and public keys get clobbered on all machines involved, CLC/CC runs an ntp server which nodes sync with every 3 minutes.


Default attributes are in attributes/default.rb - you'll need to change these to be relevant to your setup. I use a "eucalyptus" role to hold my config. see this example


  • LWRPs
    • euca-describe-properties & euca-modify-property - for changing settings seen in the CLC web interface. would also need to restart appropriate component (sc, walrus, etc), I think.
    • eustore integration
    • create/edit security groups
    • volume creation/attachment
  • On nodes
    • load/reload loop module to have max_loop >= 32
    • add /etc/network/interfaces and kick interface
  • On cloud controller
    • automatically register all components
      • this seems to work sporadically. maybe test open ports on the CLC to determine if the service is up?
      • leaving them as they are in cloud_controller_registration recipe since they ignore failure right now anyway, but may work sometimes
    • also seeing some weird shit wwhere sometimes the /var/run/eucalyptus/jsp and /var/run/eucalyptus/webapp directories need to be rm -rf'd and /etc/init.d/eucalyptus-cloud restarted. This condition seems to manifest itself as seeing a directory listing at
  • On all
    • see whether setting defaults for storage controller / walrus config works by setting values in groovy scripts in /etc/eucalyptus/cloud.d
  • Within the cookbook
    • decouple CLC and CC recipe


Yes please, especially in the LWRP since I don't know what I'm doing.


  • Haven't gotten the CLC/CC managed networking setup to work on a VirtualBox VM for testing. Everything appears to work on the VM but the public IPs don't actually allow traffic to the instances. Works fine on real machine.
  • Can use Vagrant to bring up test nodes if using kvm as a hypervisor. Useful for testing.


Chef cookbook for setting up a Eucalyptus cluster



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