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Nette integration of's API.
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Nette basic integration of's API.


The best way to install NatocTo/FootballData is using the Composer

$ composer require natocto/football-data

and you can enable the extension using your neon config

	footballData: NatocTo\FootballData\DI\FootballDataExtension

if you want increase your rate limit from 50 requests per day to 50 requests per minute you can get your free token from

	authToken: 'YOUR-TOKEN'

example of usage

class FootballPresenter extends Nette\Application\UI\Presenter
	 * @inject
	 * @var \NatocTo\FootballData\FootballData
	public $footballData;

	public function renderDefault()
		$euro2016 = $this->footballData->getSeason(424);

		$this->template->name = $euro2016->getName();

		$this->template->fixtures = $euro2016->getFixtures();


There is no documentation. Just look to source code if you are interested.

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