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test your WPF UI using ironruby

Bewildr is an (ironruby only) gem that lets you do automated testing of a WPF UI. Its aim is to:

  • provide a clean, intuitive APIenabling you to write idiomatic tests
  • be fastmost other WPF automation tools are painfully slow
  • remain smallbloat is evil… bewildr is for interacting with WPF UIs and no more

I’ll be writing about bewildr’s development/changes on my blog: http://www.natontesting.com


C:\> igem install bewildr --no-ri --no-rdoc

Table of Contents

Here’s the bewildr wiki Table of Contents

Using bewildr in Cucumber/RSpec/Test::Unit

A small but growing list of examples here: http://github.com/natritmeyer/bewildr/tree/master/examples