An attempt at a semi-exhaustive list of university and small amateur rocket clubs around the world.
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An attempt at a list of university and small amateur rocket clubs around the world that are building ambitious rocket projects.

Edit The List

Pull requests welcome! I'm sure I have missing and incomplete data.

Guide For Inclusion

Just about every university with an engineering program has a rocket club. I'm looking for unusual and ambitious ones. To be on the list they should be doing something like:

  • Serious attempt to to launch higher than 30 km
  • Designing their own liquid-fuel engines
  • Doing something novel with materials (custom carbon fiber, etc.)
  • Custom electronics and avionics with some novel twist (not just a data logger)
  • Active stabilization/controls
  • Publish source (hardware and/or software) publicly

Or similar. These are suggestions, not a strict requirements list, but I hope you see the pattern.


The raw data (the list) is in the file _data/groups.yml. Simply edit the file and add or update an entry. It's YAML, so it should be easy to edit. Here is blank stub for an entry, copy and paste this into the file to add a new group:

- shortname: ABBR or acronym for the group
  name: Full name spelled out
  institution: "Private Club" for non-university groups, or the name of the university
    name: City/state or country
    lat: latitude
    lon: longitude
  homepage: main website for the group
    - title: "@twitter handle"
    - title:
      url: name
    ... etc. as many as you like (facebook, youtube, blog...)
  project: "Short description of the main projects the club works on, this should highlight the exciting part"
  tags: [avionics, open-source, liquid-engine, high-altitude, etc....]

All you need to edit is the data file, then send a Pull Request! The web page will automatically update when it's merged.