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Bridge to replicate NATS Subjects or Channels to NATS Subject or Channels
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NATS Replicator

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This project implements a multi-connector bridge, copier, replicator between NATS and NATS streaming endpoints.


  • Arbitrary subjects in NATS, wildcards for incoming messages
  • Arbitrary channels in NATS streaming
  • Optional durable subscriber names for streaming
  • Configurable std-out logging
  • A single configuration file, with support for reload
  • Optional SSL to/from NATS and NATS streaming
  • HTTP/HTTPS-based monitoring endpoints for health or statistics


The replicator runs as a single process with a configured set of connectors mapping a between a NATS subject or a NATS streaming channel. Each connector is a one-way replicator.

Connectors share a NATS connection and an optional connection to the NATS streaming server.

Request-reply is not supported.

The replicator is configured with a NATS server-like format, in a single file and uses the NATS logger.

An optional HTTP/HTTPS endpoint can be used for monitoring.


  • Integrate with coveralls


External Resources


Unless otherwise noted, the nats-replicator source files are distributed under the Apache Version 2.0 license found in the LICENSE file.

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