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Release v2.1.4

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@NATS-CI NATS-CI released this 30 Jan 16:01


Go Version

  • 1.13.7: Both release executables and Docker images are built with this Go release.


  • LogSizeLimit option to automatically rotate logs. Thanks to @xzzh999 for the report (#1202)


  • Handling of slow consumer for non client connections (#1233)


  • Prevent "Account no-interest" for account that has service reply subscription (#1204)
  • Closing of Gateway or Route TLS connection may hang (#1209)
  • Messages to queue subscriptions are not distributed evenly. Thanks to @harrisa1 for the report (#1215)
  • Allow multiple stream imports on the same subject (#1220)
  • Do not check URL account resolver reachability on configuration reload (#1239)
  • More than expected switch to Interest-Only mode for given account (#1242)
  • Possible panic when handling bad subjects (#1249)
  • Display of connections IPv6 addresses (#1260)
  • LeafNode TLS issues with mixed IP/Hostnames. Thanks to @rbboulton for the report (#1261, #1264)
  • Fail and report if LeafNode attempt to connect to wrong listen port (#1265)

Complete Changes