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Release v2.1.7

@NATS-CI NATS-CI released this
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Go Version

  • 1.13.10: Both release executables and Docker images are built with this Go release.


  • Monitoring endpoints available via system services (#1362)
  • Configuration no_auth_user allows to refer to a configured user/account when no credentials are provided (#1363)
  • Support to match domainComponent (DC) in RDNSequence with TLS authentication (#1386)
  • Configuration http_base_path for monitoring endpoints. Thanks to @guilherme-santos for the contribution (#1392)


  • Added close reason in the connection close statement (#1348)


  • Switch gateways to interest-only mode for Leafnode accounts (#1327)
  • Leafnode loop detection fixes (#1331, #1338)
  • Service reply interest propagation in some Leafnode scenario (#1334)
  • Inconsistent subscription propagation behavior across accounts and Leafnodes (#1335)
  • Service across account and Leafnodes (#1337)
  • Service responses not delivered after Leafnode restart (#1345)
  • Update remote gateway URLs when node goes away in cluster (#1352)
  • Monitoring endpoint /subsz support for accounts (#1377)
  • Validate options on configuration reload (#1381)
  • Closed connection early in connect handshake may linger in the server (including monitoring /connz) (#1385)
  • Account unnecessarily reloaded in some cases during configuration reload (#1387)
  • default_permissions was not applied to NKey users (#1391)

Complete Changes