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Arbitrary file write by JetStream-enabled users

philpennock published GHSA-6h3m-36w8-hv68 Mar 10, 2022


gomod nats-io/nats-server (Go)

Affected versions

2.2.0 <= version <= 2.7.3

Patched versions

gomod nats-io/nats-streaming-server (Go)
0.15.0 <= version <= 0.24.2


(This document is canonically:

Background is a high performance open source pub-sub distributed communication technology, built for the cloud, on-premise, IoT, and edge computing.

JetStream is the optional RAFT-based resilient persistent feature of NATS.

Problem Description

The JetStream streams can be backed up and restored via NATS. The backup format is a tar archive file. Inadequate checks on the filenames within the archive file permit a so-called "Zip Slip" attack in the stream restore.

NATS nats-server through 2022-03-09 (fixed in release 2.7.4) did not correctly sanitize elements of the archive file, thus a user of NATS
could cause the NATS server to write arbitrary content to an attacker-controlled filename.

Affected versions

NATS Server:

  • 2.2.0 up to and including 2.7.3.
    • Introduced with JetStream Restore functionality
  • Fixed with nats-io/nats-server: 2.7.4
  • Docker image: nats
  • NB users of OS package files from our releases: a change in goreleaser defaults, discovered late in the release process, moved the install directory from /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin; we are evaluating the correct solution for subsequent releases, but not recutting this release.

NATS Streaming Server

  • 0.15.0 up to and including 0.24.2
  • Fixed with nats-io/nats-streaming-server: 0.24.3
  • Embeds a nats-server, but this server is the old approach which JetStream replaces, so unlikely (but not impossible) to be
    configured with JS support


  • Disable JetStream for untrusted users.
  • If only one NATS account uses JetStream, such that cross-user attacks are not an issue, and any user in that account with access to the JetStream API is fully trusted anyway, then appropriate sandboxing techniques will prevent exploit.
    • Eg, with systemd, the supplied util/nats-server-hardened.service example configuration demonstrates that NATS runs fine as an unprivileged user under ProtectSystem=strict and PrivateTmp=true restrictions; by only opening a ReadWritePaths hole for the JetStream storage area, the impact of this vulnerability is limited.


Upgrade the NATS server to at least 2.7.4.

We fully support the util/nats-server-hardened.service configuration for running a NATS server and encourage this approach.


This issue was reported (on 2022-03-07) to the NATS Maintainers by
Yiming Xiang, TIANJI LAB of NSFOCUS.
Thank you / 谢谢你!