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SQL Client for Analyze Boston

Edit and execute SQL queries in the browser using the CKAN DataStore API on the Analyze Boston Datasets

Getting Started

A User Guide is included in the application's Help dialog.

A Develop Guide has not been created yet.

The Administrator Guide is simply the "Installation" section below.


This project is motivated by the workflow hurdles when working with the CKAN datastore_search_sql API, which offers the full power of Postgres through a clumsy interface. Some challenges I encountered:

  • The endpoint requires more than just URLEncoding (what about *, ', !, (, ))
  • The errors aren't particularly intuitive (i.e. any data exception, like division_by_zero results in an opaque 500 error)


  1. Clone the repo
  2. Get the latest Ace editor and store it in src-noconflict/
  3. Customize config.js
  4. Run php -f schema-generator.php > schema.js
  5. Serve it (I prefer php -S localhost:8000)

NOTE To disable the proxy, run localStorage.setItem('proxy',false);

Developer Guide

WARNING This code is MESSY and the abuse of the global namespace is attrocious. Oops.


  • Profiency with Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • Basic understanding of CKAN Project's dataset web services (especially package_search, datastore_search & datastore_search_sql)
  • Probably run SELECT version(); so you know what version of Postgres you're working with (e.g. --PostgreSQL 9.6.9 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc (GCC) 4.9.3, 64-bit)

Project Structure / Application Architecture

Basically all the functionality is contained in app.js

| index.html ---> app.js                                 |
|  - style.css     -setup: config, render, etc           |
|  - Lib: ace.js   -execute: call API & handle response  |
|  - Helpers       -render: (re)draw UI elements         |
|    - help.js                                           |
|    - schema.js                                         |
|    - config.js                                         |

Making Changes

Basiscally, to change anything interesting, you should go into app.js and make changes, taking care that you let all the setup<Stuff>() functions run first, since they set stuff up and do the initial rendering.

Modal Dialogs

For modal dialogs we use (abuse?) the :target pseudo-selector.

To add a new modal dialog simply configure a new element with class="lightbox" id="your-id", then to display the modal use <a href="your-id">Link</a> (or document.location.hash = "your-id")


In almost all cases, the Browser's developer tools are the best option.

A weak debug mode (localStorage.setItem('debug','true')) will result in calls to log([]) getting displayed on the console.

You can create a nested log by passing {"label":"MyLabel","logs":[]}


Completely manual. Goodluck!

NOTE Most testing to date has been done in Chrome, and only the very slightest of attempts has been made at cross-browser testing.

Documentation Links


  • Documentation
    • Error Examples (add to the troubleshooting section of help.js)
    • Example of Rollup/Cube
  • Features
    • Query History: reverse chronological
    • Schema Browser sidebar
    • Schema Browser should filter to active table
    • Schema Browser display to metadata about a dataset
  • Project (ways to improve the project and code within)
  • Icebox (Things I'm not planning to implement)
    • Editor Tabs (Do we really need this?)
    • BUG: results for errors (Doesn't seem like this is needed?)
    • Typehead: default transforms (e.g. into decimals, 1) create table of fully qualified names and types 2) implement
    • Typeahad: transform hints: nullif('','')::decimal
    • Adopt a framework
  • Done
  • Developer Guide
  • Layout: Resize & fullscreen panels
  • Example: CTE & Window
  • Improve Use of Config
  • Proxy (only needed to handle 409s)
  • Separate scripts and CSS
  • Add DEBUG mode (with console.log())
  • Example: Polygon
  • Filter results
  • Layout: Improve colors and positioning
  • Add datatype to schema for browser and typeahead
  • Typeahead Improvements: BUG: Typehead broken without tablename
    • Typeahead Improvements: Human readable table names
    • Typeahead Improvements: Show datatype in typeahead
    • Typeahead Improvements: Configurable autocomplete? (I think this means search tables until one is set)
  • History
    • show query history
    • Retrieve results
  • Scrape schema: SELECT * FROM "" LIMIT 1; response.result.fields ex {type: "text", id: "year"}
  • add basic typeahead
  • Errors
    • look at the response.success property
    • display the error!
  • Download as CSV/TSV
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Schema browser panel
  • Enable worksheet to have multiple queries
  • Usage Instructions
  • Welcome Screen
  • Trim semicolins
  • Example: PIVOT via FILTER()
  • Example: Permits
  • Example: Crime
  • Example: 311
  • Deeplinking (with query)
  • Add Editor Saving
  • Change Examples to dialog


Convert to CKAN Extension

This project is probably a good candidate for a CKAN extension

Some work will need to be done to genericize it.

Infer Data Type

We should look for indicators (e.g. field name contains "date") then set $ in schema-generator.php



Refactoring Thoughts

  • Move ace setup into app.js


Edit and execute SQL queries in the browser using the CKAN DataStore API on the Analyze Boston Datasets




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