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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Authentication to AirBears"""
import xplat
from log import log
import zlib, hashlib, os, urllib, urllib2, re, cookielib, time, socket, urlparse, sys
CREDENTIAL_FILE = os.path.join(xplat.appdata, "airbears_credentials")
CAS_URL = ""
cookies = cookielib.CookieJar()
opener = urllib2.build_opener(urllib2.HTTPCookieProcessor(cookies))
def write_auth(username, password):
# Needs to do something appropriately if cannot write here
sha256 = hashlib.sha256()
with open(CREDENTIAL_FILE, "w") as creds_file:
compressed_creds = zlib.compress("{0}\xff{1}".format(username, password))
creds_file.write(sha256.digest() + compressed_creds)
log("Wrote credentials to file")
def read_auth():
"""Read authentication credentials from CREDENTIAL_FILE. Also verifies that the dats is still intact"""
if not os.path.exists(CREDENTIAL_FILE):
log("Credentials file does not exist")
return None
sha256 = hashlib.sha256()
with open(CREDENTIAL_FILE) as creds_file:
contents =
hash = contents[:sha256.digest_size]
credentials = contents[sha256.digest_size:]
# Verify hash correct
if hash != sha256.digest():
log("Credentials are damaged")
return None
credentials = zlib.decompress(credentials).split("\xff")
log("Read credentials from file")
return credentials
def authenticate_from_file():
credentials = read_auth()
if credentials == None:
return False
return authenticate(*credentials) # ~_~
def authenticate(username, password, cas_no_redir = False): # [username, password] please
"""Attempt to authenticate."""
credentials = [username, password]
if cas_no_redir:
log("Caller requested no redirection")
# Wait a bit
# Ideally we should be able to inquire when DNS resolution is up. Either loop-try the first access, or do something beforehand. cancel that. we can just loop-try until getaddrinfo stops failing.
cas_host = urlparse.urlparse(CAS_URL).netloc
while True:
socket.getaddrinfo(cas_host, 443)
# time.sleep(1)
log("DNS resolution is up, attempting authentication...")
field_names = ["username", "password", "_eventId", "lt"]
# credentials = read_auth()
# if credentials == None:
# log("Credentials are damaged")
# return False
# I think you might be able to hit the WLAN_LANDING_URL here and see if we're good to go...
# Some CalNet nonsense
# Source:
# Now create the cookie jar and opener in module init so they can stay with us.
# In case we want to only check the login, not ask CalNet to redirect back to WLAN (does not resolve externally).
# For example, if someone runs this for the first time at home, and enters their credentials there.
# It's odd to tell them that they have to wait until they are able to reach AirBears just to store their CalNet credentials
if cas_no_redir:
cas_real_url = urlparse.urlunparse(urlparse.urlparse(CAS_URL)[0:3] + (None, None, None))
cas_real_url = CAS_URL
# Slight possibility somehow we've already logged in...
# The reason this happens is because I think the network state changes again on AirBears login.
# So we get another notification and try to log in again.
first_calnet_login =
if first_calnet_login.find("already logged in to") != -1:
log("Already logged in before attempting authentication (WLAN authentication redirect succeeded)")
# Do this anyway
content =
# Hope we see it again, I am too lazy to check
return True
# Otherwise, attempt the authentication
calnet_noop = re.findall(r'_cNoOpConversation.*?"', first_calnet_login)[0].replace('"', '')
post_values = urllib.urlencode(zip(field_names, credentials))
cas_result =, post_values).read()
if cas_result.find("you provided are incorrect") != -1:
log("Authentication failed")
return False
if cas_no_redir and cas_result.find("successfully logged into") != -1:
log("Authentication complete (caller requested no WLAN redirect)")
return True
content =
if content.find("already logged in to") != -1:
log("Already logged in (WLAN authentication redirect succeeded)")
log("Authentication complete")
return True
if __name__ == '__main__':
# authenticate()
print "Your CalNet credentials will be overwritten without checking for their validity."
new_user = raw_input("CalNet ID: ")
new_pass = raw_input("CalNet passphrase: ")
write_auth(new_user, new_pass)
print "Press any key to continue."
if sys.platform == "win32":
import msvcrt
elif sys.platform == "darwin":
import sys, tty, termios
fd = sys.stdin.fileno()
old_settings = termios.tcgetattr(fd)
termios.tcsetattr(fd, termios.TCSADRAIN, old_settings)