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from distutils.core import setup
import py2app, sys
import wx
except ImportError:
print "wxPython is required to build AirBearsSupplicant."
if wx.VERSION[0:2] < (2, 9):
print "wxPython 2.9 or above is required."
# Needs a Cocoa check here
app = [''],
data_files = ['assets/tag.png'],
options = {
"py2app": {
"iconfile": "assets/tag.icns",
"plist": { # This really should be specified as a Info.plist... even an inline file as the Windows manifest would be fine...
"CFBundleShortVersionString": "0.0.1",
"CFBundleIdentifier": "org.warosu.AirBearsSupplicant",
"CFBundleDevelopmentRegion": "English",
"CFBundleExecutable": "AirBears Supplicant",
"CFBundleDisplayName": "AirBears Supplicant",
"LSUIElement": "1",
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