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#!/usr/bin/env python
from log import log
AIRBEARS = "AirBears"
from Foundation import NSBundle, objc
CoreWLANBundle = NSBundle.bundleWithPath_(objc.pathForFramework('/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreWLAN.framework'))
if CoreWLANBundle is None:
raise SystemError("Unable to load wireless bundle. Maybe it's not supported?") # CoreWLAN is 10.6+ only
def has_airbears():
connected = get_connected_wireless()
if connected is None:
return False
log("Active connected network: " + connected)
return AIRBEARS == connected
def get_connected_wireless(): # I _think_ I might have to call [CWInterface interface] every time...
CWInterface = CoreWLANBundle.classNamed_('CWInterface')
if CWInterface is None:
raise SystemError('Unable to load CWInterface.') # Possibly < 10.6?
# We really should be calling interfaceNames() and then calling interfaceWithName(name) on each one.
default_interface = CWInterface.interface()
if default_interface is None or not default_interface:
# raise SystemError('Unable to load wireless interface.') # If it's not there, don't complain
return ""
return default_interface._.ssid