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RuneScape VoS Pickpocketing Assistant

An unofficial app for Windows to help you keep track of RuneScape's Voice of Seren while you pickpocket. I am not affiliated with Jagex Ltd.

What does this app do?

If you're interested in training the Thieving skill in RuneScape, you're probably aware that Prifddinas is one of the best if not the best place to do it... But there's an issue. There are eight clans to pickpocket from, and each one catches on to your sneaky ways after around 5 minutes. When this happens, you can't pickpocket from that clan for 20 minutes. Furthermore, the "Voice of Seren" gives you extra xp for training in areas where the Voice of Seren is active.

This app aims to make your life easier by keeping track of both the Voice of Seren and timing clan cooldowns, in one neat and simple interface.

Am I cheating by using this?

No. This app doesn't issue any commands for you, you are still required to play the game as you normally would. In the future I may implement a setting to automatically check the box indicating the timeout if I can verify this is not against the rules.

How can I get it?

You can download it here: Windows IconWindows Download

App Features

  • Automatic notifications when the Voice of Seren changes, as well as visual indication.
  • Automatic notifications when clans forget about your pickpocketing.
  • Option to toggle these notifications on/off as you please.
  • 5 different background colours.
  • Black/white font colours.
  • Set the transparency of the app to fit in with your interface.
  • Option to hide the app's title bar so app isn't intrusive.
  • Ability to completely hide app (e.g. if you wish to play a fullscreen game on top of RS).
  • The app saves your settings when you exit.
  • More coming in future depending on requests


Looks matter! Here's what the app looks like by default:

If you don't touch any settings the app looks like this

After some tweaking using the in app settings:

This is how the app looks in my interface

A typical VoS change notification:

Seen every hour

A typical timeout notification:

Seen when clans forget your pickpocketing

How the app looks in your tray:

Tray icon

Having issues? Read this

The app has the following requirements:

  • Windows Vista/7/8/10.
  • Microsoft .NET framework Version 4.5 or greater (download here).
  • Internet access is required for the VoS update functionality to work.

If you have these requirements and are still having issues, let me know, and I'll try and help you out.


Want to fix my messy, rushed, source code? Please do! After I review your changes I'll merge them into the main project.

If you want to see what I'm getting up to you can follow me on twitter.

To do list

  • If I get feature requests I will add them here :)


This project is licensed under The MIT License (MIT). Please feel free to do whatever you want with it, provided it isn't illegal or breaks Jagex's rules.


An app to help you keep track of RuneScape's Voice of Seren.




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