calculates probability of k-mer motif occurrence in n ntd random sequence
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This program computes probability of k-mer sequence motif occurence in n ntd random target sequence. There's a blog post describing the rationale behind it. Python 3 needs to be installed.


  -h, --help              show help message and exit
  -k K [K ...]            length of query sequence (k >= 3)
  -n N [N ...]            length of random target sequence
  -p {0,1}, --plot {0,1}
                          Wheter or not to produce a plot
                          (0: no plot / 1: plot)


1. single input

./main -n 52 -k 7 -p 0

n=52, k=7: 0.002804712821387148

2. multiple inputs

./main -n 500 500 500 -k 3 4 7 -p 1